MEGACOOLS® Easy Maintenance

MEGACOOLS® Easy Maintenance are trademarks owned by PT. PRIMA JIREH. MEGACOOLS® Easy Maintenance Maintenance is a range of products (Nursing) and also Supplements Automotive and machinery. Products of which there are MEGACOOLS® Easy Maintenance: RADIATOR COOLANT ; CARB CLEANER ; FULL PENETRATE ; CHAIN LUBE ; ULTRA LUBE ; CONTACT CLEANER ; BRAKE PART CLEANER ; SiO2 SLICK WAX ; ZERO DROP ; WIPER FLUID ; MO+SHINE ; BRAKE FLUID ; CVT GREASE ; GEAR MATIC OIL ; SHOCK ABSORBER OIL ; INJECTOR CLEANING SYSTEM ; BIO KIVO.

PT. Prima Jireh is a company that manufactures lubricants for automotive and vehicle care products. We offer a variety of car care products and motorcycles for all brands. And strive to meet all your automotive maintenance needs. With best quality and competitive price.

PT. Prima Jireh originated from the business they work by married couples Mr. Eddy Lim and Mrs Megawati Gunawan with MEGACOOLS® Easy Maintenance name. Armed with a minimum investment, opened the first small shop in the parking lot ITC Cempaka Mas. In 2001, Radiator Coolant, which is the first product of Megacools launched. Slowly but surely MEGACOOLS® Easy Maintenance products started to get a place in the Automotive Stores. With the continued success of its first product, the second product was launched from Megacools, namely: Carburator Cleaner. In 2004, the land for the factory and the headquarters was established at the same time strengthen themselves by the name of PT. Prima Jireh which means: God will meet all the needs of his people. In 2013, PT. Prima Jireh has been officially certified as a factory with ISO 9001: 2008. We strive to always improve production efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards.

PT. Prima Jireh is located in Jl. Tipar Cakung 36, RT.7 / RW.8, West Cakung, Cakung, East Jakarta, Jakarta regional 14260. For more than 18 years of PT. Prima Jireh continues to evolve into a company with reliable products and leading-edge field. Until now, the distribution range already covers all regions in Indonesia