Megariders, never did walk in the path of the highway that extreme? Or crossing a dangerous road in a mountainous area of ??forest even need to be extra careful? If yes it feels scary crossing the steep roads with sharp bends and winding.


On this occasion, MegaDigital Team will review the five most extreme way in the world for Megariders! Want to know just how extreme and flex these roads? Let's see the review, the following:


a. Tianmen Mountain, China. Gets the title 'One hundred serpentine streets', the streets contained in Tianmen Mountain, China's entry into one of the extreme streets in the world list. The streets along the 10 km of this note has a 99-turn guaranteed adrenaline. With a height of up to 1000 meters from one end to the other, seems to have to think many times yes before going across the street to make sure this extreme one.


b. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland Megariders often hear the famous Alps is not it? Apparently, in addition to beautiful scenery, the Alps have a street that is not less extreme. With a path length of about 64 km, the most famous mountains in continental Europe entered into one of the extreme way in the world. Although the streets were impassable extremes, but the problem seems to be yes if guns can look very beautiful natural scenery like this.


c. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan. Is discussing the extreme, why appear Eshima Ohashi Bridge name huh? Eits, briefly. The bridge is not just any bridge, Megariders! The bridge has a road that looks very fantastic. Roller Coaster sorts. This bridge connects with Matsue Sakaiminato. Its length is only about 1.7 km, but this bridge has a width size which is about 11.3 meters. Wow, from ear to ear! In addition to the unique shape, the bridge has a steep incline. Get ready nge-gas climbed the bridge this time!