MEGACOOLS CARB CLEAN and Air Intake Cleaner is formulated latest breakthroughs and the power of special liquid to clean the carburetor of all dirt and sediment, quickly and simply without having to disassemble the carburetor.

  •     High quality cleaning can destroy the carbon varnish, crust that accumulates in the combustion chamber and fuel systems.
  •     Improving the effectiveness of cleaning the exhaust manifold.
  •     Increase acceleration thus reducing the symptoms of knocking.
  •     Tourque fix hp and so the use of more fuel efficient.

HOW TO USE: (1). Shake well before use. (2). Turn the engine in a stationary state (idling) for five minutes to warm up. (3). Turn off the engine, remove and clean the air filter. (4). Thorttle spray into the intake manifold body and then turn on the machine, pull the cord gas / gas lever in the carburetor to the engine roar. (5). Turn off the engine and allow 1-2 minutes for the working fluid. (6). Turn the machine back with a round full gas until a puff of white smoke from the exhaust, which means the carbon deposit has cleared. (7). May be repeated 1-2 times until it feels lighter gas.

CAUTION: (1) Avoid puncture or burn cans or store at temperatures over 50 ° C. (2). Do not put cans in a place exposed to direct sunlight or near a heat source or flame. (3). Use the product in an open space or a place that has adequate ventilation.